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Meeting Rooms

We offer 4 spacious meeting rooms that hold up to 8-10 people. Each room is fully-furnished with modern design touches and technical equipment.


  • Round or long table
  • 8-10 chairs
  • Whiteboard
  • Magic charts & moderation
  • Utensils (additional fee)
  • Technical equipment (screen, click-share, HDMI)
  • High-speed WiFi


Perfect fo 8, but can fit up to 10 people.

Boots Bar

The “Bootsbar” event space is best suited for smaller get-togethers of up to 30-40 people. With a beautiful view of Frankfurt’s skyline, this unique space features a fully-stocked bar, as well as swings and hammocks in our Taunus Hills area.


  • Skyline view
  • Spacious bar
  • Bar tables
  • Bartools
  • Taunus-Hills area (including swings) whiteboard, magic charts & moderation utensils (additional fee)
  • High-speed WiFi
  • Meeting rooms (additional fee)


30-40 people standing

Best for

Breakfast, Get-Togethers & Networking Events

Lab Hammermann

Our Lab “Hammermann” is the perfect place to trade ideas and experiment with new technology and business models. Equipped with multimedia, creative materials, a kitchenette and even a nap corner, it creates a truly inspiring atmosphere for your event.


  • Large windows
  • Adjoining room with nap corner and table tennis adjoining kitchen
  • 60 chairs & 10 tables
  • Up to 4 whiteboards + a whiteboard wall
  • Magic charts & moderation utensils
  • Technical equipment (projection, 1 microphone, sound system, presenter)
  • High-speed WiFi
  • 120 sq m + seperate room


  • 40 people (theater-style seating)
  • 30 people (workshop-style seating)
  • 20 people (parliamentary seating)

Best for

Workshops, coaching summits, hackathons & board meetings

The Waldstadion

Waldstadion is the ideal location for demo days, summits, pitches, meetups and networking events. Our beautifully designed event space is equipped with multimedia and includes our unique “Bembel Bar.” The space can host up to 120 people and provides the perfect place to chat, drink and network.


  • Skyline view
  • Large windows 
  • Adjoining get-together area: Bembel Bar 
  • Small lounge with couches 
  • Stage 
  • Technical equipment (projection, 4 microphones, sound system, presenter) 
  • Whiteboards, magic charts & moderation utensils (additional fee) 
  • High-speed WiFi 
  • Meeting rooms
  • Adjoining coworking spaces 


  • perfect for 80 people (seated)
  • 120 people (standing)

Best for

Meetups, conferences, business, speed dating, exhibitions, breakfast, get-togethers, demo days & public events

Host a virtual event at TQ

At TQ we offer you more flexibility when hosting events. We are able to live stream your event from the comfort of your own home or provide space and equipment in the TQ headquarters for you to stream from our offices. Share your knowledge, engage with your audience, and provide quality content live streaming.


  • Preparation of streaming
  • Studio setup according to request
  • Technical briefing before the start of the event
  • Handling and control of streaming
  • Use of branded graphics and lower thirds
  • Chroma key technology or white background
  • Interview setup
  • Live streaming and different channels (optional)
  • Up to 8 external guests or speakers (available only in the advanced package)


Basis: 2.300 € (4 hours), 3.300 € (8 hours)

Advanced: 2.900 € (4 hours), 3.900 € (8 hours)

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