TopStars Program

TopStars is an accelerator program launched in 2017 to support fintech growth in Frankfurt. In cooperation of TechQuartier and Boston Consulting Group, one top-star fintech will receive a 100.000 Euro BCG consulting project to scale their business – no equity taken.

TopStars makes you fit for series A / B funding

Your problem statement


_”How do I scale?”
_”Which unit economics can I achieve?”

Common project


_4-6 weeks on-site team-work with
BCG consultants at TechQuartier
_access to proprietary market data, such as revenue pools, benchmark values or customer research insights



_a growth and scale plan
for your business
_investor-ready presentation

+ Dedicated, premium office space in TechQuartier.

To participate, you must fulfill six entry criteria

Member of TechQuartier

You are a TechQuartier Community member or tenant in TechQuartier on or before May 1st, 2017.

Team setup complete

Your team is operational and the required roles to deliver the current product and work on the product roadmap are covered.

Seed funding in place

You have taken in initial seed funding either by investors or from your own funds.

MVP developed

A minimum viable product is completed and/or your concept has been proven in a real-world application.

Clear product roadmap

You have a vision on how to develop your product further and concrete steps defined over the coming 6-12 months.

Seeking scale

You are at a point in your business development where you are looking to significantly scale up your business, e.g. by significantly increasing production, distribution, going international or expanding into adjacent product areas.

Submit your pitch deck by March 31

pitch deck


March 31



April 28







_Executive Summary (why you qualify)
_Company profile
_Product sample or demo
_Business model (high-level)
_Product roadmap
_Funding structure (high-level)
_Team overview
_Problem statement for BCG project

Target 8-12 slides / Submit to

BCG Logo 3

The Boston Consulting Group is a leading global consulting firm with 85 offices in 48 countries, more than 12,000 employees, more than 900 partners, and more than 18,000 alumni.

Download the BCG presentation PDF

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