Papillon is an accelerator program launched in 2017 to support Fintech growth in Frankfurt in cooperation of TechQuartier and Atos Group. We are looking for ambitious FinTechs with a clear vision and the readiness for industrial-scale growth. We offer access to over 150 Financial Services clients and a global network of Atos Business Technology & Innovation Centers. Up to 3 FinTechs will get the chance to participate in Papillon after a Pitch session.

Papillon makes your
technology fit- for European- Banks

Face the


How does your solution create – exiting customer experience/value?
How secure is your solution?
How can you scale compliant to customer and/or regulatory expectations?



8–10 weeks on-site team work with Atos consultants access to Atos Finlab platform, with an API platform for DevOps, technology mashups, and continuous integration.



POC based on a prototype of your solution, integrated in bank similar workflow and environment FinLab cloud blueprints will speed up your Proof of Concept – offering rapid reach to the right market.

To participate, you must fulfill six entry criteria


You are a Startup and your business is related to the financial industry.

Team setup complete

Your team is operational and the required roles to deliver the current product and work on the product roadmap are covered.

Seed funding in place

You have taken in initial seed funding either by investors or from your own funds.

MVP developed

A minimum viable product is completed and/or your concept has been proven in a real-world application.

Clear product roadmap

You have a vision on how to develop your product further and concrete steps defined over the coming 6-12 months.

Seeking market entry

We are looking for FinTechs with the hottest technology and value propositions and an open culture – businesses that are ready to take the practical steps generating new sources of revenue in Financial Services.

Submit your pitch deck by August 25

pitch deck


August 25



September 15



We award up to 3 FinTechs with access to Papillon. The Pitch Session will take place at the end of September.



Oct. – Dec.

Integrate, run & test in Atos FinLab Cloud, access to state of art digital banking platform, collaborate with other FinTechs and launch e2e customer journey via Atos FinLab


Executive Summary – what makes you unique?
Company profile – tell us about your team and your setup
Product sample or demo – show us what you are capable of – your existing solution
Business model and product roadmap – your vision / plan for your solution?
Some more details and application on
Application form

Nikias Hahn

Atos EquensWorldline
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Papillon is looking for ambitious FinTechs with the readiness for industrial-scale growth.
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