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Once, Thomas asked me what I love the most about TQ. My answer: left-over food and beanbag chairs. These aspects really contributed to my decision of coming back to TQ as a working student in September, but obviously there are many more reasons which I would like to mention in this blogpost.

During my bachelor studies at Goethe University I attended the course ‘entrepreneurship’ – held by two young and ambitious lecturers: Thomas Funke and Sebastian Schäfer. When the time for my bachelor thesis had approached, I asked Thomas and Sebastian whether they wanted to be my supervisors. After successfully finishing my thesis, they wanted me to join the TQ team. That’s how they got a new intern and I had a job for my summer break between bachelor and master studies. The job description in my contract was as follows: Community & Customer Relationship Management, Marketing & Communication and Project Management. As you can guess, I didn’t know what to expect from my internship and was very excited for my first day.

My first task was to draft a survey for our members about their well-being at TQ. This was a good possibility for me to get to know them. Further tasks were mostly about event preparation, e.g. choosing startups to pitch in front of investors and drafting agendas. After a few days, I started overtaking responsibilities for our Facebook account. Until this point of time, I didn’t know that managing Social Media was so much fun. I have to admit that crafting the editorial plan was one of my favorite tasks at TQ. Since we are only six team members, one really has the chance to make a difference in the company. For me, it was our online marketing strategy.

As there are quite a lot of events at TQ, held by our members, partners, mentors, external people or by ourselves, my extra-hour-account grew somehow quickly. But considering the amount of entrepreneurial stuff I’ve learned, I wouldn’t miss these times. Who would have thought that I am able to explain Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO’s, Cyber Security and other crazy words after these three months?

Especially my last evening at TQ is worth a little story. We ordered two family pizzas which cost us 100 € just because of some language difficulties. While eating we drank lots of Äppler and played endless rounds of tabletennis. It was such a fun evening and a nice conclusion of these three months.

I would recommend every IT- or economics- interested student completing an internship in the entrepreneurial environment. It is such an enriching experience. Although I had the ‘entrepreneurship’ course at university, my knowledge was very rough.

I am more than grateful for meeting so many aspiring and special people and I can’t wait to be back with my team in September!


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