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News_ TQ Inside: innovationlab powered by Frankfurter Sparkasse

Luise Sessler and Michael Kossmehl are new in TechQuartier. They are Co-Founders and Managing Directors of innovationLab powered by Frankfurter Sparkasse.

Here is their story.


Michael and I were employed at Frankfurter Sparkasse before. We were fascinated by new trends in tech and attracted by the lean culture. With the ambition to make Sparkasse faster and more innovative we decided to found the innovationLab last summer. We started making plans in our leisure time. When we had a lean strategy we put it into a comic strip. Nobody in our organisation was involved. After the concept comic was finished it was presented to our company’s CEO, Robert Restani. He was excited. He just asked three questions: Would you like to do that for me? When could you start? How much money do you need? Yes, and here we are!

In our first year we are focused on introducing contemporary development tools in Sparkasse like Agile, Rapid Prototyping, GV’s Design Sprint and Design Thinking. Based on that we’re planning to find new business models for Frankfurter Sparkasse’s future.

That’s the road so far.

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