FAQs - TQ Accelerator: Digital Finance

Navigating the dynamic world of FinTech can be a challenging endeavor, especially when you're looking to scale your startup and make impactful connections within the industry. TechQuartier's Digital Finance Accelerator (DFA) is designed to bridge this gap, providing unparalleled access to corporate partners, investors, and a thriving ecosystem.

Release Date

March 25, 2024

TechQuartier's Digital Finance Accelerator offers a unique opportunity for German FinTechs to scale, network, and secure investment. With no cost to participate and a lineup of valuable events, this accelerator could be the springboard your startup needs to achieve its next milestone. 

Here are the FAQs to guide you through our accelerator program:

Q: What Do Our Partners Look For? 

Our partners are on the lookout for startups that present compelling collaboration or investment opportunities. By joining our accelerator, you gain the chance to work directly with entities interested in your success and growth within the finance sector. 

See the list of our partners.

Q: Why Choose TechQuartier's Ecosystem? 

With over 30 corporate partners and more than 200 established FinTech startups in our global community, TechQuartier offers an exclusive platform to connect with finance leaders eager to discover your innovative solutions. Our experience with founders ensures you're in capable hands, poised for success. 

Q: Do We Offer Partnerships with Potential Customers?

Absolutely! Our corporate partners are not just sponsors; they're potential customers actively seeking to collaborate with startups like yours.

Q: What is the Program Board?

The program board consists of successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and corporate representatives actively involved in planning the program. This includes deciding on masterclasses, roundtables, keynotes, and panel discussions that are most beneficial to your growth.

Review the Program Board.

Q: What Kind of Investors Can You Expect?

Expect to meet a diverse group of investors, including VCs, Business Angels, and partners like neosfer, all looking to invest in promising FinTech ventures.

Q: Who are the corporate representatives who will be part of the program? 

All the program’s issues and topics originate from the business units of our partners, ensuring their teams' involvement in the accelerator. This accelerator was developed in collaboration with their business leads. Moreover, the partners will participate in the screening of applications and will review the startups that have applied.

Q: What's the Time Commitment?

Understanding the busy schedules of founders, the DFA is designed to minimize on-site commitments in Frankfurt. Participation in our events and three masterclasses is highly valued, ensuring a balance between benefit and time investment.

Q: What are the Key Dates and Events?

- 28 May: Program Kick-Off with startup pitches (invite only)

- 06 June: First Open Public Event featuring keynote speakers and a panel on digital finance

- 18 June: Specialized workshops on finance regulation and mental health

- 18 June: Second Open Public Event

- 02 July: Third Open Public Event

- 03 July: Scale-up workshop

- 10 July: Investor Dinner

- 11 July: Pitch Arena - A grand finale showcasing collaborations and startups to a large audience

Q: Beyond Networking, What Are the Benefits?

Our program aims to connect you with financial experts and investors, generate new leads, secure investments, and initiate valuable cooperation. This goes beyond networking, opening doors to tangible growth opportunities.

Q: What are the Team Participation Requirements?

We require only one team member to be present for the program. If you're unable to attend but your colleague can, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Q: Are Partners Really Ready to Collaborate?

Yes, the foundation of this program is based on our partners' readiness to meet startups and initiate collaborations. They've requested our expertise to create an accelerator that facilitates meaningful connections.

Q: What are the Costs and Equity?

The program is completely free, with no hidden costs at the end. Moreover, we do not take equity. Your commitment to participate in the outlined dates is all that's required.

Visit our website to apply and take the next step in your FinTech journey: TechQuartier Accelerator: Digital Finance Accelerator.

The accelerator is also publicly funded by the State of Hessen.


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