Community Member of the Month: ecoligo

A conversation with Martin Baart, ecoligo Co-Founder


May 3, 2024

Meet ecoligo and its Co-Founder Martin Baart. The startup has successfully developed and maintained solar projects across the globe, aiding in significant CO2 savings and promoting clean energy usage. They have also been a TQ Community Member since 2017.

Q: Can you tell us about ecoligo and the motivation behind your startup?

A: ecoligo emerged from a clear vision to address climate change through accessible, sustainable energy solutions. Our co-founders, Martin Baart and Markus Schwaninger, saw a significant opportunity in solar power to not only mitigate environmental impacts but also drive economic growth in emerging markets. Our unique Solar-as-a-Service model, which leverages retail investing for financing, sets us apart in making solar projects viable where traditional funding doesn’t reach.

Q: What attracted you to join the TechQuartier community?

A: Joining TechQuartier was a strategic move driven by our belief in collaboration and lifelong learning. The community offers a wealth of opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and enterprises. We particularly enjoy the diverse events that allow us to engage with both startups and corporates, enriching our network and enhancing our impact.

Q: What are some of the exciting projects or news you’d like to share with us?

A: We’re thrilled to announce several major developments! Following our recent 11 million EUR equity growth round, we're launching a new website and investment platform, introducing a groundbreaking investment product with the highest interest rate yet, and preparing to expand into a new market. Keep an eye on our newsletter for these updates!

Q: What topics ignite a passionate conversation with you?

A: I'm always eager to discuss three key areas:

1. Kids – As a parent of 2 young kids, I love hearing from other parents, how they juggle their family life and career, and what they are doing to make the future of our kids a bright one. 

2. Energy Transition – My passion project is to advance the global energy transition and I love a challenging discussion around the technologies required, human behaviour change and everything else related. 

3. Business – The slow pace of governmental action on climate change has convinced me of the crucial role businesses must play in addressing this crisis.


For more information about ecoligo and their contributions to sustainable energy in multiple countries, you can explore several resources on their website. ecoligo is focused on providing solar energy solutions to emerging markets through innovative financing methods like crowd-investing.

For a detailed exploration of their projects, stories, and how they're fighting the climate crisis with their solar solutions, you can visit ecoligo's official site:

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