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Co-creation at its best – Start-Up Academy with EY and Deutsche Börse the perfect end of 2017

In December, the EY Start-up Academy successfully finished its 3‑month program. Out of 27 applicants EY has chosen 7 (Fin)Tech start-ups that already completed Alpha-phase and plan a further phase of funding within the next year. Two of the participating start-ups are residents of TQ, therefore we want to tell you about their experience with the Start-up Academy.

Credit Links was founded in 2017 and provides a platform for digital interaction between a company and its creditors. Their USP is time and therefore cost saving which becomes realized by safe, transparent and efficient data management. As Credit Links is member of TQ (since February 2017) we found time to speak with Tilo Kraus about the added value of EYs program to his company.

Tilo: “During the program, the level of collaboration felt very high. We liked working in interactive workshops together with the other participating start-ups. Thanks to EY, we had the opportunity to get challenged by over 70 experienced mentors. They helped us to optimize our pitches and encouraged us to build out our business plan by questioning all potential problems and uncertainties. Overall, we are very satisfied having built up a big network and look forward meeting further potential investors.”


The second resident of TQ that participated at EY Start-up Academy is node.energy. node.energy was founded in 2016 and became a member of TQ in March 2017. They offer a software to manage microgrids efficiently. The software enables industrial and commercial customers to cut their energy bill. At the same time node.energy increases the share of renewables and therefore reduce the carbon footprint. We received positive feedback from Matthias Karger – one of the founders of node.energy – about the program. All in all, his team has been very content with it:

Matthias: “The 12 weeks were highly effective and helped us learning about many start-up relevant topics such as data protection, staff equity programs and – of course – anything related to tax, controlling and auditing. As a young company we realized that it is impossible to build everything from scratch, so that is key to have guidance and a network of mentors, professionals, and investors who can help you to understand the missing pieces and prepare your company for the long-term strategy. My team already built up a huge network at TQ itself, but the expansion – thanks to participating at the program – was an additional boost to meet potential partners and investors. With EY as a former mentor, we are convinced having laid the foundations to a bright future. “

We congratulate node.energy to its latest funding: on 13.12.2017 they raised an total investment amount of €775, 000 from HighTech Gründer Forum and Business Angels.


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